Sunday, 7 August 2011

Ash & We Are Scientists - Washington Parks RELEASED NOW

Quick project recap:

Back in February 2011 I was stuck in traffic listening to my original version of "Washington Parks" when the idea of this project hit me.. I have for a long time wanted to raise money and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis, a disease that I have struggled with for 7 years now, but wanted to do something away from the normal and I really wanted to somehow involve music. After all music has been one the most important factors along with my family that has helped me through the really dark and tough times..

I never thought I would still be blogging in August having raised over £10,000, let alone releasing an Ash & We Are Scientists collaboration as the third major song for my project. The first being Ed Harcourt, the second Emmy the Great.. well here it is. A STEREO collaboration between Ash (left channel) and We Are Scientists (right channel) of "Washington Parks" available now to raise money and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis... The song is featured just below, along with a video to the song done by one of my bestest friends Adam Rogers... A MASSIVE thank you to everyone involved who has given their time and help make this happen, most noticably the two awesome bands Tim, Mark, Rick, Keith, Chris & Andy

If you can afford, please help by buying the songs available. All money goes to the MS Society to help fund their vital work in beating MS......

Amazon mp3, Itunes, and all other digital links will appear hopefully this week.

**News articles, blogs etc**

Link to article HERE
Link to article on Official Ash site HERE
Link to article on Official MS Society site HERE
Link to Blog by Ash Gardner who recorded the AWESOME drums HERE
Link to MS Society Facebook article HERE
Featured in today's (12/08/2011) Guardian newspaper

If, however you do not fancy a song, but would like to help the cause and support my project, you can donate directly to my MS Society fundraising page, right HERE

Picture of Rick and Andy recording the drums for Washington Parks.. Double Drumming!!! Photo from HERE

Interview with Chris Cain (We Are Scientists) taken from, interview by Ken Grand-Pierre
Full interview HERE

Examiner:  A couple months ago I got to interview Tim Wheeler of Ash  (Read here: and I asked him about the possibilities of Ash and We Are Scientists (AKA WASH) to record or tour a track. He said it’s very likely the next thing Ash will release is a WASH track so any word on that?

Chris:  We actually recorded a single which is going to come out soon. It won’t be too long until it’s out and it’s for a charity in England called the Multiple Sclerosis Society. It’s a cover of a song called “Washington Parks” by  Happy Monster (Robert Manning) but its pretty sweet. The concept of the song is that if you listen to it on headphones or stereo the musicians of Ash are on the left channel and all the We Are Scientists guys are playing it in the right channel. We’re playing the same song essentially but in different ways.
I’m not playing the same bass line as Mark and Rick isn’t playing the same drum pattern as Andy. I think Keith and Tim sing the same thing but in a different sort of harmony. What’s interesting especially is that not only do we have a unison feel going on but you can also take off one headphone and hear one band and vice versa.


  1. Mad props to you bro. As a teenager of the late-90s both of these bands mean a lot to me. As someone who suffers from MS and has done for many years, your efforts are much appreciated.

  2. Yeah, I agree. 1977 was the soundtrack to my early teens too.
    I'm an Artist/Musician who also like yourself has M.S (RR)
    I write songs too (by the way I love the one you've just released)
    I would be honoured if you would have a listen to my stuff.

    (Horror Film is about my/our condition)

    Laters dude.


  3. I love these bands, and that's how I discovered your blog. I can only say, keep it up!! It's great what you're doing
    I'm trying to help by giving it some visibility in my own blog (in Spanish)
    BTW, check this out
    I think that would be something great you could do, maybe you get more people to cover your song ;)
    Take care!

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